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Writer's Block: Arts v. smarts

Given the choice, would you prefer to be a world-class (visual or performing) artist or an intellectual genius? Which, in your opinion, would facilitate a more fulfilling career and social life?

I find that most world-class artists ARE geniuses. Leonardo DaVinci, say WHAT.

So, yeah. And most geniuses are artistic and invent things.

I really think they go hand in hand.

If I had to choose just ONE. . .well, can I still be intelligent and be an artist? Or is the choice to be a moron and an artist? Because I would probably pick artist over GENIUS, but if that means being a complete moron I would rather keep my intelligence.

Fulfilling career and social life? I think that's entirely up to you. Doesn't matter if you're a genius or an artist--if you're antisocial, you're antisocial! :D
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